Track, predict and understand your migraine patterns.

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What is doloTrack?

dolotrack was developed together with migraine specialists and doctors from various medical fields. It is a frictionless app that tracks migraine patters and learns with your input. After around two months of individual usage, doloTrack can individually warn users of a potential upcoming migraine attack.

Who can benefit from using doloTrack?

dolotrack is a useful companion for anyone who suffers from severe headache or migraine and wants to understand individual triggers and patterns.

How does it help?

"We can only change, what we measure." is a common principle that can also be applied to understanding and preventing migraine patterns and attacks. doloTrack allows you to visually discover connections between medication, therapy, weather and other individual observations like pain level or relief factor.

Effortless tracking

doloTrack for iOS is built to make tracking of migraine pain phases as easy and frictionless as possible. Pain levels, accompanying symptoms and the medication taken can be recorded with just a few clicks. doloTrack automatically detects pain phases and groups them accordingly.

Reminders and manual input

Choose your own reminder interval to make sure doloTrack can learn from your individual data and draw conclusions in terms of effectiveness of therapy or medication. Pain phases or changes in pain intensity can always be added manually.

How does it work?

doloTrack's algorithms combine individual user input data such as pain intensity or medication with environmental data like temperature, weather forecasts or UV levels. Advanced machine learning models are then trained individually to understand specific patterns and draw personal predictions.

Calendar view

doloTrack's built in calendar is a great way to visually see the effects of a specific therapy. Many users told us that they show their doloTrack calendar to their doctors when discussing current therapies.

Background data

Every time you use doloTrack your inputs are individually combined with local weather conditions and other environmental influences such as UV levels. All of that happens in the background and doesn't require any manual input.

Personal dashboard and downloads

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Medication and therapy tracking

doloTrack allows you to track the amount and effectiveness of medication. Longterm strategies such as sport or specific diets can be measured and interpreted accordingly.

Migraine forecasts

After arround 2 to 3 months of continuous usage (= every migraine phase is recorded or added manually) the app can predict a potential upcoming migraine attack. Please note that all predictions are only suggestions. Our algorithms become better over time - the more you use doloTrack, the better it can predict your individual migraine patterns.